Seeing the world is akin to running a race; not a sprint, more like a marathon... As you travel, your senses record your experiences through sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.

Sight, the visual recordings, are all too often seen by you [and] only then revisited through your mind’s eye. Your written and verbal descriptions, while intriguing, do not really convey the things and places you have seen.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have memorable photographs, with you in the scene? Too often, family and friends will say, “ you are not in any of your pictures.” I say, "A vacation picture without you in it — is just another postcard."

Let Team Evviva Photography be your personal vacation photographer and see the things you don’t... I’ll put you in the photograph, worldwide. [OR] grab your smart phone and a selfie-stick. Click, you're in the picture and that's the point...

Run the race, see the world; cross the finish line.

Evviva Tutto!!!